Α Massage of Happiness
Summer workshop tantra, massage, and shamanism
Cocoon considers the practice of Tantra essential to tantric massage. It confers to the massage its essence because it allows open mindedness, an open-hearted state and a high quality of awareness to yourself and the other.

These practises of Tantra can support a regular work on yourself through tantric structures such as active Osho meditations, psycho body approaches and shamanic experiences of breathing. These practices create a sense of sacredness in every gesture and sensory perceptions, participate to liberate ourselves from ancient hindrances and beliefs two keys to really appreciate the tantric massage.
stage d'été massage tantrique
Greece - Lesbos Island - Afroz from 22 to 28 July, 2018
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stage d'été massage tantrique


Spiritual presence: 2 or 3 mornings of shamanic breathing exercices called « vital breath » to unchain emotional blockages and find the rooting.
Spiritual consciousness: Practice of psycho-body structures and active Osho meditations to achieve body - mind- soul unity and tantric rituals.
Massage: every days demonstration and introduction to basic techniques of tantric massage. Practical training through massage exchange. We use warm oil with essential oils. Massages are received naked.

TANTRA: allows the trainee not only to regain joy and pleasure for living but also to broaden the range of possibilities restricted by the « myself - I - me » Tantric exercises are useful here to water ego rigidities with acute consciousness and eventually dissolve them. The dancer melts into the dance, he becomes the dance.

TANTRIC MASSAGE: The tantric massage targets three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual, in order to find this feeling of unity which connects us with the divine. By reunifying us, it frees us from the guilt feeling which cuts us from life. Tantric massage is like the text of Osho: Love, opening and abandonment. The tantric massage is at the same time sensual, tender and spiritual and very ressourcing since it is practised while being centered and being connected to the vital energy, which functions as a source whose flow irrigates all the chakras and gives the force to open one's heart and spirit.

THE VITAL BREATH: This breathing becomes as a breeze on which your conscience flies away and widens. This change of plan of conscience then enables you to change your way of seeing life. The mechanism of the " Cure " is then started and you feel in you the laughter, and a joy which you had sometimes lost for a long time.

The massage, it is something that you start,
But that you never finish, which continues indefinitely,
And which becomes gradually deeper and higher.
The massage, is a subtle art.
It is not just a question of skill,

It's more about love

If you feel the love and compassion for the other person,
If you look at him as a priceless energy,
If you are grateful for his trust in you,
And for the fact that he lets you play with his energy,
Then, more and more,
You will have the impression to play with the organ,
And you will feel the creation of a harmony in you.
Not only the person, but you also, you will be relieved

When you massage, only massage, do not think of other things.

Between your fingers, your hands,
As if your existence entered there.
Do not be satisfied with a physical touch.
Your heart penetrates in the body of the other,
And the most difficult complexes are relaxed.


Workshop facilitators
Jean-Paul (Sathya) is a psychologist since 1977 and got his psychology Master at Paris VII university.
Masters NLP in 1991. Trained in Gestalt, Bioenergy, Rolfing, Family and systemic therapy 1981 to 1985,
Rebirth. From 1977 to 1985 he was head of a day hospital for autistic and psychotic children.
From 1985 to 2001, was a trainer for the hospital staff over France for 15 years.
Facilitator in a workshop of Emotional Body Painting at the Humanist psychology Congress of Paris in 1982, he discoverd the Tantra of Osho at this time and then he practiced this with Sudheer Roche, an assistant of Osho.
Tibetan and Ushui Reiki teacher in 2001.
Since 1999, he was trained to shamanism by a shaman Amazon for seven years .
He is the creator and manager of Cocoon, the biggest e-enterprise of home massages for Paris.
He has personally set the protocoles of tantric and Cocoon massages.
Julien has a nursing diploma and is a practitioner of Acupuncture.
He has been trained to Tantra by Sudheer Roche and practice Tantra since 2001.
He practice Cocoon and Tantric massage for five years.
Trained to Peruvian shamanism by a shaman for six years.
He has a second degree in Reiki and has been trained in Shiatsu, Reflexology and Tuina.
He speaks French, Spanish and English.
Argyro (Chandana) is teacher in Biodanza, the system of Rolando Torro.
She has been assisting Sathya in the massages in Patras.
She has the second degree of Ushui Reiki and she has been joining the meditation school of Patras for 8 years.
She give workshops in the energetic system of awareness and self development of Robert Natzemy for seven years.
She speaks Greek and is an English teacher.
Participation: 480 euros,

Accommodation and food: 7 night by person:
Studios: single: 490€ or shared: 350€.
Stone House Rooms: single: 385€ or shared (2 beds) 280€.
Wooden Huts: single: 315€ or shared (2 beds) 259€.
Tents: 224€.

Trip not include . the airport to arrive is: Mytilini.

The center is on the commune of Eresos at 88 Kms de Mytilini

see the website: Tantric center OSHO-AFROZ

To book, contact us: and mention
`Cocoon Lesbos Island in your message or phone us.
Participation: 490 euros.

Accommodation and food: :
350€ by person

7 nights, 7 breackfasts et 4 dinners
and transfert from the airport until Arillas at 45mn.of Corfu.

Trip not included . the airport to arrive is Corfu.

To book, contact us: and mention: `Corfu Stella.
` in your message. or by phone: +30 697 732 9350

Corfu Island Greece from 19 to 25 August , 2018
Massage of wellbeing and Relieving at Paris
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