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Traditional thailand massage
The Traditional Thailand Massage

The relieving of hard working sportsmen.

The traditional Thailand massage has nothing to do with the erotic massage offered to the tourists, it is an old ancestral practice of more than 2500 years, codified by an Indian Buddhist doctor, disciple of Buddha, so that the thailand traditional massage is strongly impregnated by Buddhist philosophy.

Several influences, such as the shiatsu, the tuina, the taoism, the ayurveda and yoga, are found in the traditional massage of Thailand, this practice is integrated in the art of living of Thailand families with every day life.

Tired and stressed people.

The traditional Thailand massage or nuad bo' rarn is composed of pressures on the points and circuits of energies (called SEN or meridian lines), of mobilizations and stretchings (corresponding for some to postures of yoga), also of muscular kneadings and circulatory compressions.

Certain repetitive pains.

The various actions allow for a rebalancing of energies circulating in all the body, the massage releases the tensions and make it possible to find an intensity and a deep interior harmony, in that the Thailand traditional massage brings peace, relief, pleasure and a let go providing a reconciliation between the body and the spirit.

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Duration of the Thailand massage: 1h.
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