Α Massage of Happiness
massage antistress
The Jakusi Massage

To relieive the nervousness
and to become aware of the body scheme.

The Jakusi Massage plays on lightness and deepness. It can be soft, fluid and total like the Californian massage and deep, tonic and muscular like the Swedish massage, and is inspired by the plantar Reflexology and Shiatsu.

For a genuine physical and intellectual "let go".

The Californian massage is mainly a massage of relaxation. It is composed of flowing movements, enveloping and slipped movements able to go deeply in the body in order to undo the tensions.

The Swedish massage is a sequence of different movements on the muscles and the articulations. It is practised with energetic movements and deep pressures on the muscles.

To balance the muscular system.

The Jakusi Massage adapts with each person according to his needs and of his requests.

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Massage of wellbeing and Relieving at Paris
Duration of the Jakusi massage: 1h30
The philosophy of Cocoon massages
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