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The Shiatsu

To harmonise and balance the energy of the sky and the ground.

The Shiatsu comes from "Shi" the fingers and "Atsu" the pressure. It is a manual therapy which is recognized today in Japan as the "Nipon Shiatsu School" since it is accredited by the Ministry of the Japanese Health. It comes from acupuncture (for the points and the meridian lines) and the practice of the Amma of the Eastern traditional massage, the purpose is to look for the painful points of the body by making simple pressures and frictions.

To restore the circulation of vital energy.

The purpose of Shiatsu is to restore our harmony with the universe and to learn not to lose it, it makes us sensitive to the vital energy known as "Ki, Chi, QI", energy which circulates through all the body (when the flow of the ki is blocked the disease appears). Therefore it makes it possible to prevent the possible problems by maintaining the people in good health.

To maintain or find a good general balance and to maintain faculties of selfrecovery.

The philosophy of Shiatsu has the vision of a human being as a whole. These are all the dimensions which come into play: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Moreover Shiatsu exploits the capacity of selfrecovery which we all have in ourselves.

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Duration of the Shiatsu: 1h
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