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The Seated massage - Amma

To create an atmosphere more favourable for performances.

The seated massage is based on the Japanese traditional art of acupression: AMMA. The work is composed of choregraphic movements called a kata - as in the martial arts - to have a maximum of effectiveness for each gesture, by reducing the provided effort.

The seated massage works on the shoulders, the back, the neck, the hips, the arms, the hands and the head, directly over the clothes.

To increase the concentration.

The seated massage can be applied at any time, in any places and to any person whatever his height, his age or his sex.

For the improvement of vitality.

The seated massage acts on the meridian lines of acupuncture, activating the circulation of energy, and gives back tonicity and vitality while getting a pleasant relaxation in twenty minutes!

The seated massage overcomes the main obstacles with the massage: it is practised seated, dressed up for those who fear to be naked on a massage table.

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Massage of wellbeing and Relieving at Paris
Duration of the Seated massage: 20mn.

Due to the short nature of the seated massage, we move for minimum 3 people,
either for 1 hour massage..
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