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The Plantar reflexology

Relaxation of the nervous system.

The plantar massage or plantar reflexology is a technique which implies a simple pressure with the fingers on points called "reflex zones", an undirect action on certain parts of the body or an organ.

The stimulation of these reflex zones makes it possible to release the tensions and to restore balance in the corresponding parts of the body..

Regulation of the intestinal transit

Its action works on every system: nervous, lymphatic, blood, endocrine, etc...

We can find the details of the body in miniature on the foot. The organs being on the right half are found on the right foot and reciprocally. The organs as the lungs are represented on the two feet. The head, the neck and the cervical are located on the big toe and the little toes.

Elimination of toxins.

The plantar reflexology is advised as a preventive method for preserving health and wellbeing.

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Massage of wellbeing and Relieving at Paris
Duration of the Plantar reflexology: 1h
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