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Chinese Massage - Tuina

To stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation, it acts on the cellulitis and the overweight.

Great mixture of Chinese massage and Korean relaxation, it tends, while acting on the circulation of energy and blood, to obtain an energy balance and to stimulate resistance to diseases.

We will first work on the back and, because of its close connection with the meridian line of the Bladder, the deep Chinese Massage, practised carefully, is particularly adapted to relaxe deeply.

To treat disorders of the back, urinary disorders and the feeling of heavy legs.

The Chinese massage is practised on precise points, from top to bottom. Each point is massed with the thumb, by making an average pressure. Then we masse along the meridian from top to bottom.

Then, on the anterior face, we will practise the Korean Relaxation which will relax the body by small jolts and stretchings of the body parts. We then feel our body again. The face is peaceful and the body is full of energy.


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Duration of the Chinese massage: 1h
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