Α Massage of Happiness
massage californien
The Californian Massage
To releive nervous tensions.

The Californian massage is in the line of the "new age", a movement which preaches individual balance, total openness of the person, listening to one's body, the harmony with oneself...

To start with, the Californian massage is a massage of relaxation, which is practised on a person lying down on a mattress or a carpet on the ground, ideally naked or almost.

For the recovery after the physical effort.

Made of slipped pressures, slow light touch, fluid and harmonious movements, while insisting on parts of the body particularly tense, the Californian massage intensifies the concept of wellbeing and body conscience.

The Californian massage is made with massage oil with essential oils which gives tonic or releiving effects according to your needs.

For a better sleep

The Californian massage reconciles the person with its body, gives back the essential harmony with the wellbeing. After one hour, the person (who has often fallen asleep) is releived. He can face again the daily routine.

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Massage of wellbeing and Relieving at Paris
Duration of the Californian massage: 1h
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