Α Massage of Happiness
Cocoon, a space of massage at Paris

Let softness and heat wrap you around in order to ressource yourself.
Breathe out to evacuate the accumulated stress.
Find the wellbeing and the pleasure of living.

In Paris, at home or at your hotel make yourself cocooned,
and give yourself new ressources.
We can receive you, if you prefer.

Our staff have all been years of personal development and are able to be in a fine listening to what is right for you.

For your benefit takes place under optimal conditions, thank you to consult any description massages.

COCOON, it's also a team in GREECE

The Tantric Massage

is at the image of the text that is linked to the site under the name Cocoon: love, openness and abandonment..
The Tantric massage includes all parts of the body and also includes a work on...
The Tantric massage is sensual, tender and spiritual and very resourcing as it is practiced when being centered and connected to the vital energy... (more)

The Cocoon massage

"A divine massage". As in a nest, with hands around you listening to your needs, you will be able to feel a new energy and a found plenitude.
A very enveloping and warm massage, hands weave around you an energetic cocoon to gather "the pieces" and regain your unity in a feeling of protection.... (more)

The Vital Breath

The mechanism of the " Cure " is then started and you feel in you the laughter, and a joy which you had sometimes lost for a long time.
You start to feel that the energy is a reality, based on the Chinese medicine since millenia. When you found this source of life in you, this pleasure lasts and you feel it for a long time. (more)
And also
The Californian Massage ,
The Thaïland Traditional Massage ,
The Shiatsu,
The plantar reflexology,
The tantric massage workshops
The philosophy of Cocoon massages

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Nexts Workshops:
Tantra, tantric massage and shamanic breathing

In Greek Islands:
Progressively, in the tantric massage sessions and shamanic breathing, I had discovered, or rather rediscovered ... I got to meet different women in me, dance with the goddess, laugh with the witch , cry with the little girl , howl with the wild woman, enjoy with the free woman..... (more)
Selected from 2014 by the:
Cocoon was selected for the tennis international championships of Roland Garros 2004 and 2005 and Bercy Masters 2004 as well as at the presentation of Free of NIKE.